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Introduction to UK Water Industry Training

Learn all about the water industry and the way it operates with our UK Water Industry training course.

Course Overview

Introduction to Regulations and Financial Cycles

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Water Treatment
and Distribution

Wastewater and Bioresources

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The Future of the Water Industry

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4 Mornings


5 Hours


8:30 - 13:30


£600 + VAT

Training Schedules:

July             15 - 18 July 2024

September 16 - 18 & 20 Sept         2024

Aim of the Course

To provide an overview of the UK Water Industry

  • how the water sector became privatised

  • the regulations and regulators that govern the industry

  • the financial cycle explained

  • the open Retail Water Market

  • how water gets to the customer tap in a wholesome way

  • how waste gets treated

  • future and emerging issues

  • how to proactively respond and work together to improve operations and the environment.

Water Industry Training Course Outcome

The outcomes for Introduction to UK Water Industry training Course will be conveyed through interactivities, case studies, discussions and teaching. 

Module 1

Regulation and Financial Cycle

Laws and regulations
  • A brief history of the modern water industry

  • Understanding the governance and regulations 

  • Understanding of the various regulators and their roles 

  • Understanding the economic AMP business plan cycles

Module 3

Wastewater and Bio-resources

Water Tanks
  • Understand the sewerage system, ownership and responsibility

  • Understand wastewater treatment

  • Understand discharges into the environment

  • Introduction to sludge treatment and management

Module 2

Water Cycle, Treatment and Distribution

Water Filter Faucet
  • Understanding the water cycle and importance of managing resources

  • Understanding water treatment 

  • Overview of the distribution system

  • Challenges of asset maintenance

Module 4

The Future and Emerging Pollutants

Water bubbles
  • The journey to AI and digitalisation

  • A greater understanding of sustainability and new emerging pollutants

  • An ability to identify pollution pathways

  • Exploration of innovate solutions and future scenarios

This course is being delivered in behalf of the Institute of Water.


Choose your course date and book online now! We will get back in touch with more joining instructions!

Please note that this is a 4-morning course, undertaken consecutively from 8.30 am (for an 8.45 am start) to 1.45 pm everyday on Zoom - and that you will need to attend all 4 modules in order to receive a certificate of attendance.


The Introduction to UK Water Industry Course is highly interactive; therefore, we recommend that you clear your calendars of meetings and other tasks.

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