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Introduction to UK

Water Metering course

Expert facilitated online course

An overview of UK water meters and a deeper dive into water meter management approaches, regulations and troubleshooting. 

Course Highlights

Course Outcomes

  • Have an overview of what a meter is and why we meter

  • Have an awareness of all types of meters (domestic, industrial and commercial meters)

  • Understand basic principles, types and components

  • Awareness of metering policy, strategy and legislation

  • Confidence in handling common issues and queries

  • Experience problem solving to reach a solution

  • Ability to work with and negotiate with stakeholders and customers.

Course Duration

All will be conveyed in 4 hours through interactivities, case studies, discussions, and teaching.

More About the Course

The course explores the major issues that are raised by customers, challenges to identifying and resolving the issues in a one stop shop, highlighting regularly misdiagnosed problems, and providing support and insights to aid better decision making. It will cover what is a meter basics, reading, leaks, diagnosis, high bill queries and legislation.

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