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Understanding UK Water Industry

The UK water industry manages the supply of clean drinking water, treats wastewater, and oversees water assets efforts to protect public health, support the economy, and preserve the environment.

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UK Water Sector

Managing UK water assets for collection, treatment, distribution, discharge and disposal is an essential part of the nation's infrastructure, serving millions of people, businesses, and industries every day.


The Water Industry has undergone major changes, transitioning in England and Wales from public ownership to private companies in 1989.  Devolved governments and regulators in the four nations have their own focussed interest in the Water Industry.

Introducing competition and New Appointments and Variances have further diversified the Water Industry. 

Water and Health

Water is a vital to life. Water keeps us hydrated, removes toxins and keeps our organs functioning. Good wholesome safe water is so important for human health. Managing our wastewater is essential to protect us from harmful bacteria and diseases, ensuring the broader well-being of our public health.

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Who We Are

We are a training course provider

facilitating the delivery of the Introduction to UK Water Industry Course on behalf of the Institute of Water and other UK Water Industry-related training.


Our goal is to provide quality training to people who are new to the water sector.

Industry Experts

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Ceris Van de Vyver

CEnv CSci MIWater

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Helen Clay-Chapman


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Bernadette Ryan


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Mandhy Senewiratne


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Samantha Ebner



Fantastic trainers that was captivating the whole way through! Especially impressed considering it was done over zoom!


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